Maker’s Monolith

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Architecture / Drawing

The Maker’s Monolith is a concrete rowhome designed for a bronze sculptor to live, make and sell his work.  Within the concrete walls lies a truly spirtual space that blurs the boundaries of inside and out.


The Maker’s Day:

Water drips down wood cast walls of concrete into the reflections below

The shop that creates your work: Clay, Wax, Plaster, Bronze

Gleaming statues from the rain that has just passed.  Pools of tranquil water at their feet and rough casted concrete all around

The Author

My name is ZJ Hawk and I am a recent graduate of architectural design at Temple University in Philadelphia.  This fall I will be continuing my education at the Pratt Institute GAUD studio.  Design is something that must be made, drawn, cut up and reassembled; design is a process.  I share my work to inspire others to create and I hope to inspire you!

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