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B&W Shots from Asakusa

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After the latest Japan Drop, I thought that I would follow it up with some analog photography.  These scans of my black and white shots really make the surroundings feel ancient.  Asakusa is a beautiful place during the day and night; these photos of the lively market goers show just how packed the shopping street can get just after sundown.  I like shooting in this medium because you can get a sense of movement that […]

Arduino Air Aware

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Pollution impacts everyone everyday.  This semester I got the chance to explore the world of Arduino in an attempt to create something that would help people be safer in harsh environments.  The Air Aware mask filters the air breathed by the wearer as well as monitors the air around.  AA can detect trace amounts of volatile organic compounds or VOCs and many gases to one, protect the user and two, to warn them and those […]

Japan Drop 3

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Japan / Travels

Asakusa, Tokyo! This drop contains images from a very interesting area of Tokyo called Asakusa.  The beads that I received from the Senso-ji temple I still haven’t taken off to this day.  This temple complex is extremely spiritual and full of life.  In the promenade, souvenirs are sold ranging from small trinkets to large katanas and beautiful kimonos.  The main grounds of the temple are protected by the Hozomon Gate.  This gate is extremely detailed […]

Japan Drop 2

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Japan / Travels

Osaka! Osaka is one of my most favorite places I travelled to during my time in Japan.  I got to see many famous places as well as a spontaneous festival that truly inspires me to this day.  The culture of the city is more relaxed than the rest of Japan and the citizens here do things a little differently.  While most of Japanese people ride the right side of the escalator, Osakans ride the opposite.  […]

Acrylic Craft

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Architecture / Model

Scaling up from sixty-fourth to a quarter inch model is one of the most challenging fabrication processes I have ever under taken.  The design, choice of materials and the planning that was required just to get to building was overwhelming.  Overcoming obstacles along the way I reached the final product that matched my original parti of void, solid, void.  This balance in design is something I try to achieve in every project.